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Looking to reach a larger conscious audience via the Konscious Whispers platform and its subsidiaries? Hoping to get some creative help with your mission-based lifestyle brand? Want to work with me @kameachayne to elevate your brand & amplify your message?

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Media kit submissions: kc@konscious.co

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If you're overwhelmed, stuck, or burnt out from everything on your plate as a cause-driven founder / leader, I'm here to guide you to take your life, health, and business to the next level. As a Duke-certified Coach, I help change makers like you thrive holistically so you can make a bigger splash in this world. Learn more.

Named a "Green leader" by mindbodygreen editorial, one of the "Top wellness influencers & trendsetters" by Origin Magazine, and "Millennial pioneer in sustainable living" by Halfstack Magazine.

“Kaméa Chayne runs Konscious Whispers and [her] insta account with an eye for sustainable fashion, eco-friendly travel, holistic health tips — all through gorgeous, carefully curated photography and images. 

We can’t get enough of her style.” 

— Rodale's Organic Life

"Kaméa’s post was so perfect, sweet, and to the point. It really represented us perfectly, and she captured our essence in a very eloquent way. Also, I was so impressed by her engagement — she has very solid followers.”

— K. Gonzalez, Founder of Trunk Collective

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